Ruukki Emotion references

Ruukki Emotion is a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and a support structures, with an integrated back lighting system.

The integrated system allows you to concentrate on architecture while we support you with:

  • Technical details
  • One expert to talk to
  • Predictable pricing from early design to final procurement
  • Solutions for all buildings, from large projects to smaller ones.

Find below our Ruukki Emotion references.

Commercial buildings –Lohi shopping center

Lohi is a 3-storey shopping center with a surface area of 22,000 square meters in the center of Lohja and home to 15 stores and 4 restaurants.

Eeden - Shopping centre

Ruukki delivered the sandwich panels, design profiles and load-bearing roofing sheets for the building. The most impressive delivery was the gold-coloured, perforated façade.

Sports centre – Mariahallen

“It’s at its most impressive in the evening, when the lights are lit behind the steel rainscreen panels and the turquoise of the panels shines behind the perforated steel panels. During the day, the panel patterns create different looks depending from where you view the building.

Turku Energia – steam generation plant

An artwork, Water Memory, by Finnish artist Mauri Kosonen, forms part of the northwest façade. The artwork has been created using Ruukki Emotion product, where perforated Ruukki Liberta 500 Elegant steel profiles are added with background lighting.

Valmiera city pool

The building's walls were cladded with Liberta original 102, including art perforation. This façade solution consists of more than 1000 unique Liberta elements.

DAMME shopping mall

Ruukki delivered a full façade system – Ruukki Emotion. System includes Ruukki Energy sandwich panels, special ALU profiles with built-in LED lights and special perforated façade claddings.


Ruukki delivered Design Tokyo profiles for the renovated facade of a car showroom.

Osuuspankki bank

Ruukki supplied the copper façade for the bank building. Ruukki Emotion façade system, which includes a perforated copper profile with lighting effects, was installed in the ceiling of the entrance to the bank. Ruukki Emotion has also been used in the banking hall inside.

Modern apartment building in Estonia

The main entrance and parking spaces attract attention with Art perforated Liberta Cor-Ten 700 cassettes with backlighting. Rye straws fit to the surroundings perfectly and contribute to the bohemian environment of the district.


The western facade of the building is equipped with the Ruukki Emotion facade system. The steel facade cassettes are perforated, so that the wall surface creates “Z” letters in the company’s typeface. The effect has been further amplified by placing LED lights behind the elements.

Facade cladding references